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Inspired by “Heritage Chic” urban lofts, our world features a well-balanced combination of design and material such as distressed flooring and rusted metal furniture where accent lights enhance the atmosphere of every room. It’s an urban legend about its contemporary social-oriented design, where the powerful atmosphere unleashes its energy from the fitness club to the SPA (hewn out of natural rock) and its thalassotherapy pool, to the professional beauty center. We do not want to make our guests feel at home because that would be unparalleled; however, we want you to live a unique and unforgettable experience. UNAHOTELS One Siracusa is a lifestyle hotel, a true wonder of unique design and decoration; it’s the result of a daring project whose bold design is well reflected in its peculiarity. If you do not share our philosophy, do not choose us. If you think you’re one of us, enjoy your surfing. Choose your experience and book your room directly on our website. We extend a special welcome to you.

AKADEMIA – restaurant

    COOK FOR FUN Imagine a cooking lab where young but expert chefs enjoy creating tasty meals inspired by local recipes. Now, imagine...
By admin-mbades | 12 December 2016 |

One Active

One active is Una Hotel One fitness center. Available for up to 100 local residents, the fitness center spreads across 2 floors and offers...
By Tano Rizza | 12 December 2016 |

Clinical beauty

Clinical Beauty is one of the most exclusive wellness centers in Syracuse. A “COMFORT ZONE” destination Spa which has a very relaxing atmosphere. Edermologie LPG Cellulite...
By Tano Rizza | 12 December 2016 |

Spa “Pensiero”

The SPA features a natural cave transformed into an emotional steam room, a small thalassotherapy pool where Mediterranean Sea salt and seaweeds are dissolved...
By Tano Rizza | 12 December 2016 |